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          Company profile
          Linx (Nantong) Co. Ltd. is a steel structure processing, heavy machinery and equipment manufacturing and hot dip galvanized the main business of large-scale modernization of production enterprises. Mainly engaged in large-scale steel structures, marine and stationary machinery products, marine engineering products and other heavy steel structure manufacturing and marketing. Jiangsu owns the Linx and China two professional manufacturers of floating dock.
          Nantong company is located in China’s most dynamic Yangtze River Delta Nantong economic and Technological Development Zone, convenient traffic, five kilometers away from the Sutong bridge. Covers an area of 70000 square meters, the registered capital of 12000000 US dollars, the annual steel processing capacity of 50000 tons. Has 170 meters deep, 250 meters coastline of China floating super heavy bearing the Yangtze River terminal a, pier bottom elevation is 8.5 meters, design capacity is 20 tons per square meter, can meet a variety of bulky cargo transportation and the steel structure closure assembly requirements. Terminal from Nantong brought new car only 300 meters.
          The company has all kinds of professional production facilities, the introduction of CNC plasma cutting machine (Germany), CNC flame cutting machine, 630T hydraulic press, 4M*10M large CNC boring and milling machine, 175T*41M (span) *26M (height) of gantry crane and a variety of welding and cutting equipment, lifting and transport equipment, coating equipment, etc.. The introduction of Germany hot dip galvanizing production line, the annual processing capacity of 50000 tons, is a relatively large area of Northern Jiangsu galvanizing line (9.5 meters long, 2 meters wide, 2.8 meters high). Hot dip galvanizing and phosphating production line for many enterprises and shipyard production and processing galvanized structural parts and materials, its products are widely used in shipbuilding industry, power industry, municipal engineering and other metal surface have high corrosion requirements of the industry.
          The core values of the company adhering to the "one step ahead, constant innovation", according to "the market positioning to create the core product, based on high-end technology", to create a stable and mature, experienced international management team and set design, manufacture, construction, after sale service in one of the professional production team, have the ability to use the hook machine and other high quality products to build the production of various types of large steel structure, construction equipment and ship.
          Under the flag of Jiangsu brought new registered capital of 15000000 US dollars, company is located in Rudong County Economic Development Zone, covers an area of 75000 square meters, is specialized in the production of steel structure products. The company is only 70 km away from Nantong.

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